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We are finding a beloved home for our Bella. She is an AKC Registered, 6 year old Papillon who is healthy, spunky, friendly, smart, clean, and very active. Young Children are not Bella's favorite. This is the reason why we are finding a new home for her. Older children, adults and elderly adults are her favorite however! She get's along great with other dogs and cats. She is not spayed. She is potty trained and excellent at being indoors. She will need her shots updated. Bella's favorite place is inside on someone's lap. She is very obedient as well and it not one to run away from you. She's not a big barker either. She is the perfect house pet! We have a $50 rehoming fee to insure she goes to a good home. We would love her to be spoiled rotten! :) The two pictures are of her in her summer coat (the shorter one) and in her winter coat. She is now in her summer coat. Please call or text 337-351-XXXX