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This bike is 100% working conditions with no problems.All that needs is a new owner and a good home.In xxxx Triumph posted its most successful year in the United States with an estimated 28,000 T120s sold,.[7] In xxxx the T120 gained a new and more reliable ignition system. From xxxx, T120 models used a new frame which contained the engine oil instead of using a separate tank (this became known as the oil in frame/'OIF' version). A five-speed gearbox finally was fully available by xxxx, but competition from larger-capacity motorcycles led to the T120 being superseded by the 750 cc Bonneville T140. Production of the 650 continued until xxxx, when the workers at Triumph's Meriden headquarters staged a sit-in until xxxx. In xxxx fewer than xxxx of the 650cc assembled machines were released by the workers, with another 38 in xxxx. Production of the T120 was not resumed following the sit-in, the Meriden Motorcycle Co-Operative created after the dispute concentrating upon the 750cc twins instead.